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History, Vision and Goals

The first DEBRA group was founded in the UK by a group of parents whose children were affected by epidermolysis bullosa (EB). The original aims of the charity were to stimulate knowledge of, and interest in, EB for the benefit of those with the condition and their families and to fund medical research into EB.

From these humble origins DEBRA has grown significantly with DEBRA groups now having been established in more than 50 countries around the world. DEBRA International is an umbrella group whose members are the national associations representing people with EB in their countries.

All member groups are autonomous, choosing to work together on matters of common interest. Europe, North America and Australasia are well represented amongst the member groups and there is a growing membership in Central and South America, Asia and, to a lesser extent, Africa.


To ensure that people living with EB have access to the best quality support and medical care while also driving the development of effective treatments and cures for EB.


  • To ensure that anyone living with EB has access to the best quality support, medical care and treatment.
  • To advance research efforts internationally into the care, treatment of and cure for EB.
  • To raise awareness and understanding of EB amongst health professionals and the general public worldwide.


DEBRA International was founded to promote the well-being of people living with EB and to take any actions necessary in pursuance of this objective at the international level.

The Association, whose activities are not for profit, works - internationally - for the good of people with EB and strives to meet the following purposes:

  • promoting and stimulating collaboration and exchange between people with EB and organizations which support people with EB,
  • collaborating with national governments and national and international organizations which defend the interests and needs of people with EB
  • research into the causes of EB,
  • stimulating clinical, scientific, and pharmacological research in the field of EB with the clear aim of finding approaches to curing and developing therapies and palliative treatments,
  • encouraging people with EB to contribute to these research activities, in particular by jointly organizing international congresses, meetings, and discussion events,
  • coordinating scientific expertise and clinical know-how internationally,
  • providing services which are directly or indirectly to the benefit of people with EB (medical care, social assistance, advice and information, etc.),
  • raising awareness for the wishes of people with EB, promoting a positive attitude of the broad public towards people with EB and strengthening the self-confidence of all those directly or indirectly affected by EB.

DEBRA International pursues no economic purpose and its funds can only be used to attain the above-mentioned objectives.

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