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Advertising & Advocacy


All members of DEBRA International are free to use our common advertising material to raise awareness and funds for people with EB in their countries.

The campaign has been created by the well-known international agency Lowe GGK and, over the past eight years, has won a number of national and international advertising prizes (i.e. Golden Lion in Cannes).

Lowe assigned all rights of use to DEBRA International, provided that the style guide is followed and copyright credited.

If you wish to use this material, first have a look in the Media center what is available, then contact us and request high-quality material for your use.


National DEBRA groups all over the world speak and work on behalf of those who live with EB, to improve their care and their quality of life. While much of this advocacy work must be undertaken within the specific context of the politics and policies of a particular country, there are also many elements of this work that cross boundaries.

DEBRA International aims to facilitate the sharing of experiences and information between national DEBRA groups. By doing this we strengthen the efforts of all our members and make them more productive.

To this end we have made available various documents, created by our members in support of their advocacy campaigns. These documents can be drawn upon by those working on behalf people living with EB. We just ask that, where appropriate, you reference the work of others.

If you have created documents in support of your EB advocacy work, please consider sending them to us for sharing here.

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