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Introducing DEBRA International’s new Business Manager, Liv Mullins

Introducing DEBRA International’s new Business Manager, Liv Mullins

Liv Mullins explains her role as Business Manager

What is your role at DEBRA International?
As Business Manager at DEBRA International I’m responsible for a variety of activities, from managing day-to-day operations and supporting the DEBRA International Executive Committee and its subcommittees to liaising with national DEBRA groups, assisting with the planning of the DEBRA International annual conference and managing communications.

This is a new full-time position at DEBRA International. It’s constantly developing – each day brings more challenges and exciting new initiatives to work on.

While in post what would you like to achieve?
I’d like to create greater collaboration and communication between DEBRA International and the different national DEBRA groups to form a truly strong global DEBRA network. Each DEBRA will have its own ideas for fundraising, raising awareness, events and different priorities in terms of supporting its members. With the help of DEBRA International, these ideas could be turned into global initiatives and shared with other groups to great benefit to people living with EB in those countries. I hope this will help members feel part of the national DEBRA group and  part of the international community of people living with EB as well.

I’d also like to improve communications across all channels so that updates on research, clinical trials, news from other DEBRA groups and information about DEBRA International’s work, such as EB Without Borders and the development of Clinical Best Practice Guidelines, are communicated clearly and consistently. Living with any rare condition can be a lonely struggle – it’s essential that people living with EB have access to as much information as possible about what DEBRA doing to make a difference around the world.

You work closely with the President of DEBRA International – what difference does this make?
Being able to work closely with Mike is great, and not only because of his drive and passion for the work DEBRA International does. It’s an excellent way to discuss how things are going, assess priorities and bounce ideas off each other to improve the working of the organisation and make a difference for people living with EB.

Help improve communications
To get the latest news from DEBRA International please sign up to the DEBRA International enewsletter (the latest publication is planned for release by Christmas) the link for which can be found on the right-hand side of the DEBRA International homepage. We are also on TwitterFacebookYoutube and LinkedIn. Please like and share DEBRA International’s pages to get the latest information from the worldwide EB community.

We are always looking to improve the work we do and services we offer. Please get in touch with DEBRA International with any queries, suggestions, or anything you would like to see happen more on an international level. Our contact email is office(at)debra-international.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Liv Mullins, Business Manager, DEBRA International

DEBRA International Business Manager Liv Mullins