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Clothing - What to mind

Clothing plays just as important a role for people with EB as for healthy ones. Provided it is comfortable and breathable it can add a lot to the patients' comfort.

In the following you will find some tips concerning the choice of material and other valuable information.

General tips for well-adapted clothing

Which materials?


  • Soft and agreeable to the skin
  • Favour breathable materials: Cotton, silk and viscose or modern synthetic materials as used in sports.
  • Good experiences have been made with clothing from DermaSilk
  • Blended fabric with stretch may not be breathable, but soft and well-fitting. Take care: clothes may stick to the skin if the fabric contains too much spandex

Other criteria

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Wide necklines
  • No pressure points due to buttons, zips, buckles or seams; especially with babies it has proved useful to turn clothing inside out in order to avoid rubbing seams
  • Not too warm as sweating encourages blistering

Aids to make dressing more easy


  • Velcro fastenings instead of zips or buttons
  • Loops sewn into the sides to ease the pulling up of trousers
  • Elastic bands instead of waistbands
  • Velcro fastenings can be lengthened with straps
  • Zips can be fitted with key rings or loops
  • To ease zipping, clothing can be fitted with slings at the bottom to counteract the pulling motion.
  • To enable independent dressing possibly do not unzip zips completely
  • Use larger buttons

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Derma Silk - a special material


A number of EB patients at the EB House in Salzburg were offered free samples of DermaSilk clothing from the company Alpretec to test. It got very positive feedback, not only due to the wearing comfort but also because it additionally seemed to reduce itching.

To objectify these individual impressions, a small survey was conducted at the EB House, with 12 EB patients trying out DermaSilk for XXX weeks / months.

The effects of DermaSilk according to the patients

11 out of 12 people experienced it as highly comfortable and agreeable to the skin, 8 out of the 12 noticed a considerable reduction of the often tantalising itching. One child was completely relieved of the itching sensations, which where especially strong at night, and was actually able to renounce medicative therapy.

What does it consist of?

  • DermaSilk consists of silk. The fibres of natural silk are long and smooth, hardly create friction, are pliable and have an agreeably cooling effect.
  • In addition the natural silk fibres have been doped with the innovative antimicrobial substance AEGIS, which destroys germs through an electronic short-circuit and consequently prevents infections and the settling of microorganisms.

How to wear it

To receive the best effects, the material should be as close to the skin as possible, beside the bandages. The clothing should therefore not be too large; a close fitting size should be bought.

Product range

The offered products range from romper suits, pyjamas, underwear and socks to gloves and bandage tubes.

Alpretec, the Italian manufacturer of DermaSilk, has also developed special bedding (Microair). It consists of a cooling, synthetic material which has also been worked with the AEGIS substance.
Beside pillowcases and duvet covers as well as sheets, a waterproof but breathable cover for mattresses is available. In most cases of EB, a basic equipment of pillowcase (as the face is most likely to make contact with the bedding) and mattress cover, depending on how much the wounds bleed or
rather secrete, is most sensible.

Where to get it

DermaSilk is registered as a class 1 medical product and is available in medical specialist shops.
For more details as to your national distributor, please visit the product website at www.dermasilk.com.

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Source of information:

Katharina Ude-Schoder, MD, EB House Austria, Salzburg (YYYY)

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