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Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel

DEBRA International's Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel (MSAP) has as its membership senior EB researchers and clinicians who, jointly, reflect the breadth of EB research. MSAP's core role is to oversee DEBRA's centralised peer-review process of all research-grant applications, and to advise on research grant progress.

MSAP therefore acts as guardian of scientific quality and relevance to people with EB of the research funded by DEBRA International is central to maintaining our reputation as research funder among the academic and clinical research community, bioindustry, and research sponsors and donors and is an essential component in maintaining recognition by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), other funding bodies, government and NGO bodies working on behalf of people with rare diseases.

MSAP has an advisory role to all DEBRA International member organisations which support research, but has no executive role either in DEBRA International or in any member DEBRA. MSAP works according to its Terms of Reference.

MSAP and the research grant programme of DEBRA, is managed by the DEBRA International Head of Research, Dr Clare Robinson.

MSAP membership


  • Dr. Adrian Heagerty (UK), Acting Chair
  • Prof. Thomas Magin (Germany), Acting Deputy Chair
  • Prof. Jo-David Fine (USA)
  • Prof. Cristina Has (Germany)
  • Prof. Veli-Matti Kähäri (Finland)
  • Prof. Fernando Larcher (Spain)
  • Prof. John Marshall (UK)
  • Prof. Fulvio Mavilio (France)
  • Prof. Jemma Mellerio (UK)
  • Prof. Guerrino Meneguzzi (France)
  • Prof. Carien Niessen (Germany)
  • Prof. Lydia Sorokin (Germany)
  • Prof. Eli Sprecher (Israel)
  • Prof. Jouni Uitto (USA)
  • Prof. Giovanna Zambruno (Italy), 
  • Dr. Rainer Riedl, Patient Representative (Austria)

last updated: April 2018