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Research strategy

Our research strategy outlines the principles and underpinning rationale for our choices in research support. The strategy has been developed and refined through consultation with our scientific and medical advisers, and is reviewed and updated periodically, as the result of three-yearly consensus research conferences, our membership and Boards of Trustees of DEBRA International's member groups, as well as expert advice from our Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel (MSAP), and a biopharma industry-led group of advisers.

DEBRA supports world-class research worldwide to increase understanding of the causes and consequences of EB, and to develop the evidence base for the development of better clinical care and disease-modifying therapies.

DEBRA International’s research strategy for the period 2015-2019 has been developed to take into account the notable recent advances in both knowledge of EB and therapy technologies, and the increasing number of early-stage clinical trials of promising treatments both planned and underway.

The purpose of this document is to outline our strategy over the next 5 years for supporting and promoting EB research and ensuring its translation from laboratory to clinical application. The ultimate goal of the strategy is to ensure that research will benefit the estimated 700,000 to 1 million people living with EB worldwide.

DEBRA International Research Strategy 2015-2019 cover page