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EB simplex (EBS)

EB Simplex is characterised by lack of adhesion of the skin right above the basement membrane (found between the dermis and epidermis). Approximately 70% of people with EB suffer from EB simplex. Most forms of EB simplex are inherited as dominant traits, i.e. one of the parents visibly has the condition.

The most common form of EB simplex has blistering confined to hands and feet. These patients usually require only minimal medical assistance because the disorder is mild and because it is well known in the family due to the dominant inheritance. In another form of EB simplex, known as EBS Dowling-Meara, blistering can occur all over the body.

Blistering may appear during the neonatal period but it can also manifest itself in later childhood (or even in adult life). Rubbing tends to be the main cause for blistering and especially rubbing of the feet by footwear. Rubbing is worse in warm weather.