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Donation Account: IBAN AT65 6000 0005 1004 5254, BIC BAWAATWW, DEBRA International, Am Heumarkt 27/1, 1030 Vienna

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Disclosure statement in accordance with Sec 25 Austrian Media Act (MedienG) and information statement in accordance with Sec 5 Austrian E-Commerce Act (ECG)


DEBRA International, Global Network of Epidermolysis bullosa Support Groups (globales Epidermolysis bullosa Selbsthilfe-Netzwerk)

Registration number

DEBRA International is a registered charity: ZVR 932762489

Registered Office /Address

Am Heumarkt 27/1
1030 Vienna, Austria
T +43 1 876 40 30
F +43 1 876 40 30 - 30

Competent supervisory authority

Landespolizeidirektion Wien, Referat Vereins-, Versammlungs- und Medienrechtsangelegenheiten.
Please find here the Austrian Association Act 2002 and the website of the Landespolizeidirektion Wien.

Purpose of the association

The association is not for profit and pursues exclusively and directly the purpose of promoting the well-being of people living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Basic intention of this medium

Presentation and promotion of DEBRA International, as well as information regarding Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB-related research and donations.

Representation in accordance with the bylaws of the association

The President shall represent the association. Written documents of the association have to be signed by the President and by the Secretary in order to be effective. However, if financial matters are concerned (dispositions regarding assets), the signature of the President and of the Treasurer is required. In the event that the President, the Secretary, or the Treasurer are prevented, they shall be represented by their deputies.

DEBRA International Executive committee
PresidentMike Jaega (DEBRA UK)
President deputyJimmy Fearon (DEBRA Ireland)
SecretaryClémence Fabien (DEBRA France)
Secretary deputyMia Werkentoft (DEBRA Sweden)
TreasurerBrett Kopelan (DEBRA US)
Treasurer deputyRitu Jain (DEBRA Singapore)
Other membersAnna Kemble-Welch (DEBRA New Zealand) 
Judith Kristin Asche (DEBRA Norway)
Lie Taguchi (DEBRA Brazil)
Zlatko Kopecki (DEBRA Australia)

Last update: October 2018

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