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DEBRA International Congress

The DEBRA International Congress is an annual event which first took place in Strasbourg, France in 1992. Since then it has been held in Europe, South America, and North America. The 2018 Congress will be held in Zermatt, Switzerland from 7 – 9 September.

The Congress brings together delegates from the national DEBRA groups, scientists and researchers, medical professionals, EB patients and families, and industry representatives.

The objectives of each Congress are to consult the national DEBRA groups on activities and priorities in the coming year, provide a briefing on major developments in clinical care and therapy development, and provide an opportunity to share experiences and achievements that may be relevant to other groups.

The General Assembly is also held as part of the Congress at which members of the DEBRA International Executive Committee are elected.

EB 2020

London, UK

Previous Congresses

2018 Zermatt, Switzerland
2017 Wellington, NZ
2016 Zagreb, Croatia
2015 London, UK
2014 Paris, France
2013 Rome, Italy
2012 Toronto, Canada
2011 Groningen, Netherlands
2010 Santiago, Chile
2009 Prague, Czech Republic
2008 Mechelen, Belgium
2007 Avignon, France
2006 Salzburg, Austria
2005 Stockholm, Sweden
2004 Stuttgart, Germany
2003 Neuchatel, Switzerland
2002 London, UK
2001 Cavtat, Croatia
2000 Marseilles, France
1999 Noordwijkerhout, NL
1998 Salzburg, Austria
1997 Catania (Sicily), Italy
1996 Porto, Portugal
1995 Marbella, Spain
1994 Dublin, Ireland
1993 Manchester, UK
1992 Strasbourg, France