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EB Awareness Week & EB Awareness Day

The International EB Awareness Week (IEBAW) takes place in the last week of October each year, with EB Awareness Day being on the 25th of October. Since its launch in 2007, the campaign has reached individuals and organisations in 112 countries around the world. All over the world, we do it differently but we all join forces raising awareness for EB. Be inspired by a few examples:



How does it work?

Supporters are asked to turn their clothes inside out and post a photo on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ShowYourSeams to raise awareness. Or, to hold a #ShowYourSeams dress down day and ask colleagues or classmates to wear their t-shirt inside out for a £1 donation.

Girl with EB, arms and chest bandaged, with a butterfly tattoo on her left bandaged arm

Release your butterfly

by DEBRA Ireland

How does it work?

Supporters take a photo of themselves wearing a butterfly tattoo and share it on social media using #releaseyourbutterfly. People are asked to donate 4 Euros to DEBRA and to nominate their friends to release their own butterfly. Celebrities are on board, too.

DEBRA butterfly with white stars on blue ground; DEBRA of America logo top right; underneath a red banner with text and dates

National Epidermolysis Bullosa Awareness Week

by DEBRA of America

How does it work?

EB Awareness Week is promoted through various activities, for example by sharing #EBweek through social media, by posting a personal note on the website, or by starting an event in one's own community.

Online banner showing 5 friends at a garden party, drinking wine and eating pasta; Text: "Dine and Donate"

Dine & Donate

by DEBRA Australia

How does it work?

DEBRA Australia ask their supporters to host events at the occasion of EB Awareness week. Whether it is a BBQ, a high tea, breakfast or dinner party, family and friends get together to help raise awareness and funds for EB.