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EB awareness campaign images

These images are part of the EB awareness campaign "This is how life feels to people with EB", which is available free of charge to all DEBRA International member groups.

It has been created by the advertising agency Lowe GGK for DEBRA Austria and has won a number of national and international advertising prizes (i.e. Golden Lion in Cannes).

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the high resolution images. Please note the Style sheet in the box on the left, which provides a guideline on how to use the material.

  • Cupcake with multicoloured drawing pins instead of "Smarties" (colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery) on top of the frosting
    Cupcake, 2015
  • Image "Glasses": Pair of glasses with sawblade-like sidepieces
    Glasses, 2014
  • Image "Cookies": Cookiecutter with very sharp, pointed edges
    Cookies, 2014
  • Image "Rabbit-hedgehog": Rabbit with prickles of a hedgehog
    Rabbit-hedgehog, 2013
  • Image "Alice band": Alice band with pins on the inside
    Alice band, 2013
  • Image "Bobby-Car": a plastic toy car with the blade of a circular saw being the steering wheel
    Bobby-car, 2013
  • Image "Highchair", with spiky backrest
    Highchair, 2012
  • Image "Pencil case"; with thorny pencils
    Pencil case, 2012
  • Image "Washcloth", with washcloth made of steel wool
    Washcloth, 2011
  • Image "Water wings", with the inside of the wings looking like a grater
    Water wings, 2011
  • Image "Swing", with saw blades instead of ropes
    Swing, 2010
  • Image "Bed"; with thorny bars
    Bed, 2010
  • Image "Spintop", spintop with spiky sides
    Spintop, 2010
  • Image "Headphones"; with rough material instead of foam
    Headphones, 2009
  • Image "Hairbrush", spiky hairbrush
    Hairbrush, 2009
  • Image "Soother", with a metal surface (like a grater)
    Soother, 2009
  • Image "Car seat"; with saw blades instead of a seat belt
    Car seat, 2008
  • Image "T-Shirt", with a razor blade instead of the label
    T-Shirt, 2008
  • Image "Coarse bread", with spiky metal instead of the breadcrump
    Coarse bread, 2008
  • Image "Guitar", with barbwire instead of strings
    Guitar, 2008
  • Image "Rocking horse"; with thorny handbars
    Rocking horse, 2005
  • Image "Sandpit", with shards of green glass instead of sand
    Sandpit, 2005
  • Image "Toothbrush", electric toothbrush with a small cutting disk instead of the brush head
    Toothbrush, 2005
  • Image "Ice cup", with two rasps instead of biscuits (waffles)
    Ice cup, 2005
  • Image "Slide", with the slide looking like an enormous grater
    Slide, 2004
  • Image "Shoes", with thumb tacks on the inside of the soles
    Shoes, 2004
  • Image "Teddy"; with a prickly cactus head
    Teddy, 2004

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