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Practical Paediatric EB for Professionals

Practical Paediatric EB for ProfessionalsThe EB Team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital held its 9th Annual "Practical Paediatric EB for Professionals" course on 16th March.There were 20 delegates from as far afield as Norway, Spain, Croatia, Netherlands, and Australia. This year we offered free places to staff in our hospital, recognising that non-EB team members often get involved in...[more]


Amicus Phase 3 Study in EB (ESSENCE) Nearing Completion of Enrolment

Amicus Phase 3 Study in EB (ESSENCE) nearing completion of enrolmentAmicus Therapeutics’ ESSENCE Study of the investigational topical cream for wound healing (SD-101) in EB is rapidly nearing completion of enrolment. It is anticipated that patient enrolment will close in the coming weeks.Anyone interested in participating in the trial should contact one of the approximately 40 international...[more]


Viviendo con EB: presentamos a la artista Femmy Broer

Viviendo con EB: presentamos a la artista Femmy Broer Cuando nací en 1990 con EBDD, fue un golpe muy duro para mi madre. Ella tiene EBDR y le dijeron que no la pasaría a sus hijos. En 2008 me diagnosticaron pruriginosa también. Debido a mi madre, teníamos mucho conocimiento de la EB y cómo vendar lo cual me hizo la infancia mucho más fácil.Cuando tenía 9 años, mi tío hizo un cortometraje...[more]


Living with EB: meet artist Femmy Broer

Living with EB: meet artist Femmy BroerWhen I was born in 1990 it was a shock for my mother that I have DDEB, because she was told that she had RDEB and could not pass it on to her children. In 2008 the diagnosis pruriginosa was added. Because of my mother there was enough knowledge about EB and bandaging, which made my childhood a lot easier. When I was 9 my uncle made a Dutch short film about...[more]


EB Without Borders: Building bridges, breaking barriers

EB Without Borders: Building bridges, breaking barriers September 23rd, 2016. Zagreb.As part of the EB Without Borders presentation, I detail DEBRA Singapore’s (DS) outreach work in Cambodia, India, etc. and conclude that we are not planning to engage with Pakistan yet given the socio-political challenges associated with the country. The Fates must have been listening. September 29th, 2016....[more]