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Topical cream for all EB types: Clinical trial now recruiting participants

Phase 3 trial of Scioderm’s topical cream for all EB types is planned for 8 sites across Europe, as well as 6 sites in the USA[more]

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Keeping people living with EB at the heart of research

Deciding which EB research to fund is a meticulous process: Bringing the patient voice into this ensures that people living with EB are at the heart of all we do. [more]

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Guiding the guideline developers

DEBRA International is leading the development of clinical practice guidelines for EB. Those developing the guidelines are now getting useful guidance, too.[more]

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Progress in developing a skin-grafting gene therapy for RDEB

GENEGRAFT project has developed a safer vector for collagen 7 gene correction, and is now planning a small clinical trial to assess tolerability and efficacy[more]

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EB 2015 - Insights into the EB research symposium

This key event of EB research brought together many of those committed to find a cure, or to alleviate the symptoms of EB[more]