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Golden Riders – An EB Novella

“Wonderful story. Full of hope and promise for sick children… Loved it.” – Amazon reviewer

“Can't wait for the second part to come out… Good story to read with your children and talk about it together afterwards.”
– Amazon reviewer

These are just two of the positive reviews that Elaine H. Everdene has received for her 4-part novella, Golden Riders, a series about children with rare diseases where the main character has EB. Part 1 is available now with Part 2 expected to follow in mid-May. The story falls into the magical realism/fantasy genre and is suitable for children over the age of 10.

Leah suffers from the rare disease Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), and for that reason she’s lived her whole life in a children’s home and not been adopted. Her condition worsens and she’s admitted to the local hospital. At Westmoore Hospital something mysterious happens. Sick children disappear, and strange lights flicker through Leah’s room. In Room 369 hangs the magic painting The Golden Moon. What secret hides on the other side?

“My aim for the book is first and foremost to inspire children to use their imagination, and to dream. It’s also to make people aware of rare diseases. By establishing myself as an author, my one big dream is to sell so many books that I’ll be able to start a foundation that supports in different ways, such as helping sick children and animals in need.”
– Elaine H. Everdene

But why EB?
“I started the story but quickly became stuck. I saw a video of Jonathan Pitre who has EB. I had not heard of the illness before, and was so moved by what I saw: I knew in that instant this was the illness the main character would have. With that the whole story came to me in a wave, and I watched other children with EB on YouTube, and was even more inspired. When you see children in pain you feel so powerless, and want nothing more than to stop the hurt, but you can’t. I thought the only thing I can do is imagine and make up a beautiful world where nothing hurts, where a sick child becomes the superhero, a place to visit in dreams. I believe that dreams and imagination are powerful tools to relieve pain in general, and I also very strongly believe that there is indeed a perfect world in the higher realms, a true golden land; you just have to find it like in the story."

The story is available as an eBook in
Norwegian and English, and is free for all members of DEBRA. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact your local DEBRA group. Part 1 can also be purchased on Amazon for £2.40/$2.99/€2.99. Watch this space as other translations may be available in the future.

About Elaine

Elaine grew up on a small island in the north of Norway. As a child she loved books and movies and used to make up ghost stories for other children. Although being a writer had always been a dream for Elaine, it wasn’t until a series of strange and inspiring dreams prompted her to start.
“The idea for Golden Riders was inspired by both a dream and a specific event. The dream was of a beautiful painting that came to life, and through which I could fly to a wonderful landscape on the other side. And the event? Well, that’s a secret for now.”

In 2014, Elaine won a Norwegian children’s book contest with her first ever story where the money was raised for the Sykehusbarn charity, which works with sick children in hospitals. In 2015, she was part of a Christmas Anthology that raised money for the charity, Streetlights, which works with poor children in orphanages.
“I was inspired to take part in these contests because it was about helping children in need.”

Elaine H. Everdene, Author
Liv Mullins, DEBRA International Business Manager