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A note from the new president, Cinzia Pilo

The new president of DEBRA International, Cinzia Pilo, is starting her term with a grateful look back at the recent DEBRA and EB-CLINET conferences, and an enthusiastic approach towards the future.

"I am pleased of the words of appreciation we have received after the success of the joint DEBRA International and EB-CLINET conferences in London this year. I want to recognise also the great job done by the whole DEBRA UK team.

It has been wonderful to see the palpable enthusiasm we have all been left with after leaving London and reading the many emails and messages that circulated after the event. I genuinely believe that the organisation of EB CLINET and DEBRA International conferences in the same location and on consecutive dates is a great idea. It obviously attracts more people, but it also gives the chance for researchers and clinicians to get together and get mutual benefits and learnings.

I also want to recognise the invaluable work many professionals dedicate to people suffering from EB. I have been impressed by seeing how much deserved respect some of our professionals have achieved.

In addition, the good networking opportunity we had this year has also started an important process that will probably take DEBRA International towards interesting new partnerships in the near future.

The days we spent in London have also seen the definition of the new DEBRA International strategy, that will make our enlarged team working in the following six workstreams:

  • New income generation
  • Organisational structure development of DEBRA International
  • Research Funding and Support
  • Improve internal and external Communications
  • Develop new Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)
  • Continue the EBWB (EB without borders) support

I am sure that with our continued collaboration and enthusiasm we will accelerate the achievements of great results towards the improvement of quality of life of all people living with EB."

Cinzia Pilo, President of DEBRA International and of DEBRA Italy

Portrait of a lady with long dark hair

Cinzia Pilo, President of DEBRA International and of DEBRA Italy. (c) Leo Wilkinson Photography