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DEBRA funding programme for clinical research and symptom relief

This year, DEBRA International has held a call for proposals for programme-funding which would take therapy development close to, or into clinical trials. A specially convened Expert Panel will meet in December to evaluate the proposals and make funding recommendations to DEBRA.

The Clinical research programme call focuses on research that will help to address the immediate, symptom-relief, treatment needs of people living with EB, as well moving towards clinical application of disease-modifying or curative therapies.

DEBRA International has a fund for this programme call of about 3.8 million and will allocate up to 500 000 euros for each successful project, which may be co-funded by industry or other funding sources.

The application process is now at Stage 2, with nine research proposals having been selected for development into full-proposal applications from the eighteen Stage 1 outline proposals initially submitted. The full proposals are currently undergoing peer-review and an Expert Panel convened for the call will meet on 14th December in Vienna to make recommendations to DEBRA for support.

Hands in white rubber gloves, filling in a form. On the form lie a few coloured pills, and in the background some test tubes.

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