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One of the most awarded marketing campaigns ever ... and all for EB

How do you explain how life can feel to someone living with epidermolysis bullosa? Use this award-winning campaign that is available for free to DEBRA groups all over the world to create awareness for EB.

The advertising agency Lowe GGK Austria and DEBRA Austria came together to create an awareness campaign entitled "This is how life feels to people with EB"Using images and videos they created a powerful and emotional campaign that showed the general public how everyday objects can feel to someone living with EB.

Over the years, Lowe GGK has continued to work with DEBRA Austria on this campaign. 2013 saw the introduction of compelling new images and TV-Spots that are available to all DEBRA International members to use in their own campaigns. All advertising materials are free of charge to members of DEBRA International and so this is an amazing opportunity we encourage you and your organisation to take advantage of.

The images can be used to increase awareness and help with fundraising campaigns. The latest campaign offers three highly emotional images and TV-spots that are designed to capture the public's imagination and help raise awareness and understanding of EB.

The main topic for the latest TV campaign is fragility and can be viewed on the DEBRA International website in the Media center:

Since the first campaign, the agency has won a number of national and international advertising awards for DEBRA (i.e. Golden Lion in Cannes, Werbe Edward, Magazin Award, Adgar, Columbus, Global Awards, Golden Drum, Austrian Fundraising Award, Creativ Club Austria (CCA), etc.). It became one of the most awardedpro bono marketing campaigns ever.

Dieter Pivrnec, Executive Creative Director of Lowe GGK Austria said recently: "I am very proud of the new DEBRA campaign 2013. Though the campaign has existed since 8 years, our creative team is still excited about creating new ideas for DEBRA like the two fabulous TV-spots. Hopefully these will help to increase donations and awareness for people living with EB all over the world."

To use this material, view them in the Media center on the DEBRA International website.

When you have decided what images you would like to use, please contact us and we will send you high-quality versions and a style sheet.

DEBRA Austria and DEBRA International will soon be sending out a DVD compiling the full campaign material to all DEBRA International member groups.

Sandra Eder and Barbara Dissauer, DEBRA Austria

Composite of images and screenshots of the campaign "This is how life feels to people with EB"

New image "Rabbit-hedgehog" and TV spots "Dress" and "Drinking glass"