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Professional training

DEBRA International wishes to support and promote the development of specialist Centres of Expertise (to use the EU term) in the treatment of EB worldwide in order to make the best possible level of care available, within the constraints of the countries involved. Facilitating the education of health professionals wishing to establish new clinical services, or improve existing services, is seen as an important element of this objective.

DEBRA International and its member groups have a long history of assisting professionals to learn about EB. The current objective is to put this on a more structured and sustainable footing as part of a portfolio of help that can be offered in countries where specialist EB care is not available or is very limited.

The main elements of the training opportunities that are envisaged are:

  • Existing or proposed EB training courses and facilitating participation in those courses
  • Enabling interested health professionals to visit an established Centre of Expertise to learn from more experienced colleagues
  • Facilitating experienced EB health professionals to visit countries where a new service is planned to share their expertise with the proposed clinical team in that country

Upcoming training events

Over recent years, a number of the Centres of Expertise have organised training courses for professionals with an interest in EB, which have been well-received and are being repeated, usually annually. A modular online training course is in development by the London centres.

We encourage anyone organising a training event to make us aware of the details, so that we can post it here. We can be contacted using this form.

See details of current training courses below.

Course title:Practical Paediatric Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) for professionals
Course directors:Dr Malobi Ogboli and Victoria Lynne
Venue:Birmingham Children's Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, B4 6NH, UK
Date: Thursday 14 March 2019
Programme:EB Programme
Cost:£100 (includes course materials and refreshments)
Contact:Ruth Witcombe (course administrator)
+44 0121 333 8602
Last updated 02/2019

Visits of observation to established centres or visits to 'new' countries

Historically, there has been a willingness on the part of EB specialist clinicians to share their expertise by hosting a visit from a foreign clinician, or a small group of clinicians, to their centre or by undertaking educational visits themselves.

DEBRA International is committed to facilitating such visits and is working with the existing specialist centres to develop a more structured and tailored programme. It is anticipated that, in most cases, clinicians will be able to obtain national funding to cover the costs of visits but DEBRA International is seeking to raise funds to provide assistance in exceptional circumstances.

For information on how to apply for help in arranging visits of observation, please contact Mr John Dart.

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