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Research conferences

The DEBRA International hosts two distinct international conferences on a regular basis, an annual meeting of activists from the national DEBRA groups worldwide and a research conference, held every three years, which is an invitation-only meeting for the leading EB research teams worldwide (Read more about the research conferences in the section Research conferences).

The next DEBRA International annual congress will be held Nov 24-26, 2017 in Wellington, New Zealand.

DEBRA International works closely with the leading research groups interested in EB worldwide. Not only does this involve the direct funding of research but, every three years, DEBRA International hosts an invitation-only research conference, to bring together the senior EB research community.

The main aims are to share results, discuss how to address possible barriers to progress, as well as to explore opportunities to collaborate and make the most of new technological opportunities, with a strong focus on therapy development.

At more recent conferences, as successful laboratory-based research creates opportunities for clinical application, delegates with expertise in translating promising research into clinical treatments have been invited, in order to bring this important perspective into the discussions.

The outcomes of the conferences are used to redefine DEBRA International's research priorities and research strategy, as needed, every three years. These are closed conferences, by-invitation only to senior EB researchers, but the key outcomes of the conferences and implications for DEBRA are communicated to our membership through national and international membership conferences and through publications.

Previous EB research conferences

  • EB1999 in New Jersey, USA
  • EB2006 in Dublin, Ireland
  • EB2009 in Vienna, Austria
  • EB2012 in Marbella, Spain
  • EB2015 in Atlanta, USA

See the Conference reports for details.

Next EB research conference

  • EB2017 in Salzburg, Austria