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Research News

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Topical cream for all EB types: Clinical trial now recruiting participants

Phase 3 trial of Scioderm’s topical cream for all EB types is planned for 8 sites across Europe, as well as 6 sites in the USA[more]

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Keeping people living with EB at the heart of research

Deciding which EB research to fund is a meticulous process: Bringing the patient voice into this ensures that people living with EB are at the heart of all we do. [more]

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Progress in developing a skin-grafting gene therapy for RDEB

GENEGRAFT project has developed a safer vector for collagen 7 gene correction, and is now planning a small clinical trial to assess tolerability and efficacy[more]

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EB 2015 - Insights into the EB research symposium

This key event of EB research brought together many of those committed to find a cure, or to alleviate the symptoms of EB[more]

Timeline (2015) showing the dates of 2 DEBRA International research funding calls


DEBRA International calls for Clinical Research and Clinical Trials proposals

Clinical Research programme funding addresses requests from clinicians and people with EB, and advances in therapy and symptom-relief research[more]