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Research News

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Shire's "Visiting Patient Series" focusing on DEB

Recognizing the importance of promoting education and disease awareness for Shire employees, the company's "Visiting Patients Series" programme recently included a visit from people living with EB[more]

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Patient views on the regulation of medicines

How should we weigh the risks and benefits? And who should do so? Get your voice heard![more]

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Protein therapy development for RDEB

In a preclinical study, researchers at the USC have shown that topically applied Collagen 7 protein helps wound closure, reduces scarring and may be useful for treating patients with RDEB[more]

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Burden of Treatment

A new study tries to develop a tool to measure treatment burden, which is hoped to influence and shape future healthcare[more]

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Asking people living with EB what they want from research

A recent study tries to understand which research issues are important to people with DEB and their clinicians, in order to prioritise the research efforts[more]