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EB research - why is it so important?

Since 1999 DEBRA International organises Research conferences every three years, to review progress and identify any new research priorities. You may read the Conference reports.

One of DEBRA International's main activities is supporting research to gain a better understanding of the causes of all forms of epidermolysis bullosa (EB), with the aim of developing improved treatments and diagnostics and, ultimately, we hope, even cures.

A great deal of progress has been made towards these goals, in large part as a result of our funding of EB research in the best university laboratories and hospitals worldwide. You may view what has been achieved by both completed and ongoing research projects, funded in full or in part by DEBRA, in the section Funded research projects.

DEBRA‘s research priorities are reviewed intermittently to reflect advances in technology, medical care standards, and our increasing understanding of EB. You may view our current Research priorities and fields (which explanis what research we fund and why), and also the Research strategy (which explains the criteria by which we select our research priorities, and the processes by which we ensure that the research we fund is of the highest quality and targeting ultimate patient benefit). 

For information on recent research advances, and news stories, go to Research news

Researchers will find details oft he type of research we will support, deadlines for submission of grant applications, and terms and conditions for applying for research grants in the Research funding section.