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To complement our patient guides, we have developed a range of EB infographics that you can view here and download for free.


The EB infographics are very similar in content to our patient guides as their information and recommendations come from best clinical practice guidelines (CPGs). Whereas the patient guides are heavily text based, the EB infographics are more icon/picture based. This means that the infographics can be used as a simple, quick-reference guide on different aspects of EB clinical and social care.


Although targeted at people living in low resource settings, the information is still relevant to anyone living with or caring for someone with EB anywhere in the world.


Below, you can find the EB infographics we have created as well as information on the ones we are currently developing. and can act as a quick reference guide to help with daily management of EB.


What is EB?


Topics covered in this booklet include:

  • what EB is

  • EB care practices and who is involved in EB care

  • the different EB types and their symptoms and complications

  • how EB is inherited and how it is diagnosed

  • background on EB research and clinical trials

  • everyday life with EB and how to raise awareness


Healthy Body and Skin 

Topics covered in this booklet include:

  • hygiene and clean water

  • salt and bleach baths

  • wound care for different types of wounds

  • wound care in extreme circumstances

  • looking out for signs of skin cancer

  • footwear and nail care


DUE IN 2021

Healthy mind and control

Balanced life and social life

Healthy eating and nutrition

DUE IN 2022

Care of a newborn

Pregnancy and birth

Stay active and mobile

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