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Footwear advice for parents caring for a child living with EB

Who is this booklet for?

This booklet is for parents caring for a child living with any of the following types of EB:

  • EB simplex (EBS)

  • dystrophic EB (DEB)

  • junctional EB (JEB)

  • Kindler EB (KEB)

  • EB acquisita (EBA) - autoimmune, not genetic*

*There was no evidence found in this population group for the CPG. However, it is assumed that they would require the same support.

What is this booklet about?

Topics covered in this booklet include:

  • pre-walking stage of your baby

  • why is footwear important for EB?

  • footwear advice

  • cushioning materials, insoles, and socks

  • other considerations

  • your child’s environment

  • wound care and pain management

  • staying active and mobile

  • how your child’s podiatrist can help

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