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What is EB?

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What is EB? 

This EB infographics booklet is a quick-reference guide on the key aspects of what EB is. It is primarily picture rather than text based.

Who is this EB infographics booklet for?

This booklet is for anyone living with or caring for someone with any type of EB. Share it with family, friends, schools, colleagues, anyone you need to in order to help explain what EB is. 

What is this EB infographics booklet about?

Topics covered in this booklet include:

  • what EB is

  • EB care practices and who is involved in EB care

  • the different EB types and their symptoms and complications

  • how EB is inherited and how it is diagnosed

  • background on EB research and clinical trials

  • everyday life with EB and how to raise awareness

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