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2nd World Congress on Rare Skin Diseases

12th - 14th June 2024

Event type



In person


3 days


Maison Internationale - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Boulevard Arago, Paris, France


ERN - Skin


The objectives of the congress are:
- To learn on diagnosis (including pathophysiology and disease classification) and management of rare and complex skin disorders (skin cancers and aggressive tumors, autoimmune bullous diseases, complex vascular malformations and tumors, auto-inflammatory and autoimmune cutaneous disorders, toxiderma, ectodermal dysplasia and incontinentia pigmenti, DNA Repair Disorders & photosensitivity, monogenic fibrosing diseases, epidermolysis bullosa and skin fragility, cornification disorders)
- To develop a multidisciplinary approach and improve their skills to manage common problems in rare and complex skin disorders
- To know more on last research findings and tools in the field of skin biology, genetics, therapeutics
- To learn more on patient engagement and empowerment as well as patient education programs

There is a special patient representative rate for registration.

There will be a patient symposium session as well, which will have EB and DEBRA involvement through the Skin ePAG.

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