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Occupational therapy

Guideline objectives: to provide information on current best practices for the provision of OT for people with EB who have limitations in their ADL due to pain, blister formation, and contractures. Where possible, the information is categorised for paediatric and adult patients.

Target users: OTs, those living with EB and their carers, rehabilitation, practitioners, allied health professionals (AHP), nurses, physiotherapists (PTs), physicians/medical doctors, physician assistants, social workers, educational staff, and employers of persons with EB.

Occupational therapy for epidermolysis bullosa: clinical practice guidelines
Published 2019 | Funded by DEBRA of America

Topics covered in this booklet include:

  • activities of daily living relating to self-care

  • instrumental activities of daily living

  • maximisation of hand function

  • fine motor development and retention of fine motor skills

  • oral feeding skills


Occupational therapy patient guides

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