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Oral health care

Guideline objectives: to provide a complete review of the oral manifestations in those living with each type of inherited EB; the current best practices for managing oral health care of people living with EB; the current best practices on dental implant-based oral rehabilitation for patients with recessive dystrophic EB (RDEB); and the current best practice for managing local anesthesia, principles of sedation, and general anesthesia for children and adults with EB undergoing dental treatment.

Target users: Specialists in paediatric dentistry, special care dentistry, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, periodontics, implantology, and rehabilitation; general dental practitioners, dental hygienists, anesthetists and other healthcare professionals managing patients with EB who need dental treatment under sedation or general anesthesia, paediatricians, dermatologists, otolaryngologists (ENT), nurses, dietitians, speech and language therapists, and people living with EB and their families.

Clinical practice guidelines: Oral health care for children and adults living with epidermolysis bullosa
Published 2020 | Funded by DEBRA UK

Topics covered in this booklet include:

  • general information on EB for the oral health care professional

  • oral manifestations of EB

  • oral health care and dental treatment for children and adults living with EB

  • dental implants in patients with recessive dystrophic EB

  • sedation and anesthesia for adults and children with EB undergoing dental treatment


Oral health care patient guide

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