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Foot care

Guideline objectives: to describe foot problems in people of all ages with EB, outline current EB podiatry practice in the UK and Australia, highlight specific considerations for different subtypes of EB, and provide guidance for foot care in EB.

Target users: podiatrists, other health professionals, people with EB (all ages and subtypes), their families and carers, teachers, employers, shoe manufacturers, stakeholders and policy makers.

Foot care in epidermolysis bullosa: evidence-based guideline
Published 2019 | Funded by DEBRA UK

Topics covered in this booklet include:

  • blistering and wound management

  • dystrophic nails

  • hyperkeratosis (callus)

  • footwear

  • mobility

  • pseudosyndactyly

  • podiatrist professional development


Foot care patient guides

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