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Vice President

Humphrey lives in Wellington, New Zealand, and has RDEB. He has bee an ambassador for DEBRA New Zealand for most of his life, nearly 40 years. He has a strong interest in the work of DEBRA International, including being a co-lead on the Clinical Practice Guideline on Supporting Sexuality. He is totally committed to the international EB community working together to improve the quality of life for all people with EB. He has a BA in International Relations and Asian Studies and studied in Japan for a year helping DEBRA Japan become established.

He enjoys traveling and experiencing other countries and cultures. He worked in the corporate world as a Project Coordinator and is now an Accessibility Specialist, Creative Director, and motivational speaker. His business and creative platform, No Hands No Excuses, started as a platform to motivate everyday people to achieve their best, showing them what a guy with fragile skin, and no hands, can get out there and do. Since then, it has transformed into a vehicle for him to combine his passion for technology, creativity, motivation, accessibility and entertainment into a varied and exciting business.

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