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Committee member

Ryan is currently the Vice President of DEBRA Canada and has served on the board for 12 years.
He has a 13 year old with RDEB.

He lives in Vancouver, Canada and when not working as the owner of a residential design company and EB caregiver, works diligently to make sure each daughter has the same experience and opportunities, including the great outdoors. The recent highlight was taking his child with RDEB on a 5-day remote wilderness canoe circuit with portages.

For the 11th straight year he runs a DEBRA Canada fundraiser at the top of Grouse Mountain called Bella’s Ball. A broomball event (like hockey, no skates and on ice) where able bodied people must run about the ice to get a fun and often painful view of what it is like to live with EB. Like the game, the reality of EB for Ryan and family is to be an active participant and not sit back and watch the game. The event seeks out EB sufferers from across Canada to attend as a belle or beau of the ball. Providing a weekend away and avenue to build an ever-stronger national EB community.

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