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There are usually two planned calls for EB research proposals each year organised by EB Resnet and supported by DEBRA International. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only one funding round will be available in 2022.




All prorities call

Project topics should fit one or more of DEBRA's and EB Resnet's four strategic research priorities:

  1. Improving understanding of EB biology to create new concepts for diagnosis and treatment

  2. Developing disease-modifying and curative therapies

  3. Preventing and curing severe disease consequences: chronic wounds, fibrosis, and cancer

  4. Improving clinical care and symptom relief through research

Project scope

  • Essential for preclinical research and clinical trial projects in EB

  • Research projects must fall within the scope of a current research call

  • Lead applicants: researchers and/or clinicians (cooperation with industry welcome and possible)

  • Project duration: 6 to 36 months

  • Funding amount: up to EUR 90,000.00 p.a.

The essential purpose of the grant is to support a single research project in the field of epidermolysis bullosa (EB acquisita is excluded) that aims to answer a single question or a small group of related questions.


The All Priorities Call 2022 will open on 1 June 2022.

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