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DEBRA Ireland has a new look

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

We may have changed how we look but we are still the same

Over the last few months, we at Debra Ireland have been working hard to refresh how we look to make it more relevant, accessible and in line with what we want to achieve for people living with EB, caring for someone living with EB, or bereaved by EB in Ireland.

Our current brand has been in existence for a long time and, in that time, we as an organisation and the society we operate in have changed. We wanted our look and feel to be as strong as what we do This is why, with the help of people impacted by EB, we took the time to look into what we could do to stand out as the mighty organisation we are.

We have updated our logo, but we have kept the core elements that make us unique

The butterfly is a strong emblem that helps explain EB to those that may not know about us. As an icon, the butterfly also symbolises the softness and gentleness that is required to care for someone with EB and the fragility of their skin.

We've aligned with how other sister Debras look around the world look. We came to the realisation that power is in the numbers. Any awareness there is at an international level will help strengthen our voice nationally. Want to take a look? You can see it all in action as part of our refreshed website:

DEBRA Ireland new website

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