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Was Ist EB? booklet now available to download in German

The cover of WAS IST EB? features a smiling young girl with visible EB

We are delighted to share that the popular booklet 'What Is EB/Was Ist EB?' is now available in it's newest translation, German, and free to download from our website. What Is EB? is an essential resource for anyone who has EB or cares for someone who does. This resource is useful to share with family, friends, teachers, colleagues, and the general public - in fact it is useful to share with anyone you need to in order to help explain what EB is.

What Is EB? is a quick-reference guide on the key aspects of EB. Topics covered in this booklet include the types of EB and their symptoms and complications, care practices and who is involved, diagnosis and inheritance patterns, and much more.

Our EB information and resources are available in even more languages! Download your copy for FREE from our EB Information and Resources page.

Unsere EB-Informationen und -Ressourcen sind in noch mehr Sprachen verfügbar! Laden Sie Ihr Exemplar KOSTENLOS von unserer EB-Informations- und Ressourcenseite herunter.

More about our resources

What Is EB? The poster is also available to download in multiple different languages.

The A1 poster covers key information on what EB is, the four main subtypes, common symptoms and complications, and how to care for a newborn with EB.

What Is EB? Newborn With EB is a two sided leaflet covers key information on what EB is and how to care for a newborn with EB. It is ideal as a quick reference guide for parents of a baby recently diagnosed with EB as well family, friends, and non-EB health and social care professionals.

We have also developed a range of patient guides on different health and social care topics. They are specifically designed to be used by people who either have EB or care for someone who does. Take a look at our EB Patient Guide page to learn more about footcare, laboratory diagnosis, occupational therapy, psychosocial care and skin and wound care.

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