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Debra Brasil 2023 Congress

Date: September 22, 2023 

Location: Belo Horizonte, MG


The 4th Debra Brasil Congress held in Belo Horizonte marked a significant milestone in the awareness and research of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). With over 600 participants, including 160 in person, the event stands as the largest ever held in Brazil on this rare disease.




1. Global Presence: Renowned international experts, including Dr. Peter Marinkovich from Stanford, USA, shared insights. "I was very impressed with Debra Brasil's organization and the mobilization at the congress," said Dr. Marinkovich. "Their well-organized database is fundamental for attracting research and trials to Brazil."


2. International Research Day: Preceding the congress, a Research Day in São Paulo brought together international researchers with the Debra Brasil team at the Albert Einstein Hospital. The aim was to showcase ongoing initiatives in Brazil and foster collaboration between global research centers and Brazil.


3. Congress Themes: The main congress on September 22 covered three central themes: research, clinical practices, and public policies.


4. Quoting Leandro L. Rossi: "The in-person congress was crucial for EB advancements in Brazil. It provided an opportunity to demonstrate the need for effective public policies, share clinical practices, and present the status of global research. Brazil can be a significant partner for international trials."


Next Steps


1. Global Collaboration: Strengthening collaboration with international researchers and institutions, leveraging Debra Brasil's robust database.


2. Public Policy Advocacy: Advocating for the swift implementation of approved policies, particularly the Plano de Cuidados à Doença (PCDT).


3. Clinical Practices Exchange: Facilitating technical visits to prominent international research and clinical centers for knowledge exchange.


4. Continuous Awareness: Sustaining long-term strategies to keep EB in the public eye, emphasizing the urgency for a cure and improved quality of life.


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