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DEBRA Colombia activities in July and August 2022

July and August were busy months for DEBRA Colombia as they took part in several fundraising, and EB awareness raising and educational events.

The 27th meeting of DEBRA patients in Bogotá took place in July 2022. 11 EB patients were assessed in the fields of dermatology, nutrition and alternative medicine, wound management, psychology, pedagogy, optometry, and physiotherapy.

DEBRA Colombia participated in the V Colombian Congress of Dermatological Specialties held 12-15 August in Santa Marta organised by AsoColDerma. 1,000 specialists attended the event where DEBRA Colombia had a stand to promote EB awareness and education as well as fundraising activities.

The release of the new DC League of Super-Pets film provided a unique fundraising opportunity for DEBRA Colombia. The first of its kind, this first post-pandemic activity allowed a fun day out and chance to reunite with EB families.

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