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DEBRA Colombia's 29th Patient Gathering Event

The DEBRA Colombia Foundation held a note-worthy Patient Gathering Event in Bogota from May 5th to 7th for patients with butterfly skin disease from different country regions. A total of 13 patients and their caregivers shared experiences, recreational activities, and interdisciplinary medical care including dermatology, nursing, rehabilitation, nutrition, dentistry, optometry, psychology, and inclusive education. Several specialty wound dressing companies in charge of providing supplies for wounded and EB patients in Colombia through the national health system also participated in the event to showcase their products and provide training.

The event included guidance and consulting by the DEBRA team, the closing event featured educational and recreational activities by the Dr. Clown Foundation, medical care throughout the event was provided in alliance with the Holistic Center Foundation, and it was made possible with the generous support of several sponsors who provided travel expenses, lodging, and food for its participants.

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