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Funds raised for DEBRA Colombia through the HEELP Program

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Over the last few years, Heel Colombia has set forward a plan to rewrite the future with the purpose of transforming lives through different social and environmental projects under the HEELP program.

The DEBRA Colombia Foundation has benefited greatly from donations from this program under their goal of social responsibility. "Heelp Sponsors" are individuals who have voluntarily decided to support different initiatives, joining hands and opening their hearts to help, and joining efforts to move forward socially just and environmentally sustainable actions.

As a result of the successful campaign held in 2022, and the great effort of the Heelp Sponsors and Heel Colombia Ltda. as the sponsor of this program, a total of USD $8,000 (approx.) (COP$32,180,000) was raised for DEBRA Colombia, and an event for the handover of these funds was held in May 2023.

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