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Epidemiology, pathological, and genetic characteristics of EB in New Zealand

Grant round: May 2018 Grant type: Project grant Grant recipient: DEBRA New Zealand Grant amount awarded: € 2,500.00

This grant supported the fulfillment of a research project, led by Dr Russell Gear of Genetics Health Service NZ, to describe EB in New Zealand to allow for better advocacy, planning, and access to research for the EB Community.

The research manuscript was published in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology in December 2021 and recently presented by Dr Gear at the New Zealand Dermatological Society Inc Conference in Auckland, New Zealand in August 2022.

"I hope the work is helpful to provide a snapshot of EB in New Zealand and to support advocacy efforts. It has also raised some interesting questions regarding the ethnic distribution of the disease in NZ and how we should be approaching the diagnosis of EB in the genomic era - areas that I hope to explore in the future." - Dr Russell Gear

We extend our congratulations to Dr Gear and authors, and thank all those who were involved in the successful completion of this project.

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