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International EB research: selection of high-quality research proposals 2022 has started

The 2022 All Priorities Call as well as the Ad-hoc Special Call for research proposals are now closed. We would like to thank the EB research community for the numerous submissions.

All applications that fulfil the Calls’ eligibility criteria will undergo review for scientific merit and potential to benefit people with EB, as well as feasibility, resourcing, and value for money. Research proposals undergo external EB expert peer-review and evaluation by the Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel (MSAP), a group of senior international EB clinicians and researchers. This year's MSAP meeting will be held in early December. To learn more about the EB Research Network member selection process and funding decision, click here. The peer-review process ensures strategic relevance to people with EB and quality control of funded research. It is also used to identify fundable research, as well as to provide feedback to applicants to help refine research scope and methodology of proposals.

All EB research projects funded to date can be viewed in the project database (select 'MSAP/EBEP Recommended‘ in the Funding Body filter option) and the overview by year on the EB Resnet website.

- EB Research Network

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