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LifeArc and DEBRA Austria's £2.5m funding call update

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In 2023, DEBRA Austria/ EB Resnet launched a £2.5M funded joint call with partners LifeArc for research proposals targeting repurposing of treatments addressing Chronic inflammation, fibrosis and cancer initiation (CIF) in severe EB.  The process started with a prioritisation workshop in London at the end of May 2023. This round-table of experts from both the EB field, and more widely CIF research and clinical practice, discussed current gaps in knowledge and unmet medical needs in CIF in EB,CIF with a focus on the potential of drug repurposing and unexploited CIF targets.

The Workshop outcomes were used to frame the scope for a Special Call 2023: Repurposing therapies for EB, underwritten by EB Resnet member DEBRA Austria and LifeArc. Expression of interest (EOI) submission stage is now closed – all successfull applicants have already been invited to submit full applications. All information and details about the call are available on EB Resnet‘s and on LifeArc’s website.

LifeArc is currently preparing a series of reports summarizing the results of the expert workshop in London. They will share these reports with you as soon as they are ready to publish.

Please bear in mind that the EB Resnet Ad-hoc & Industry Funding Schemes are open through out the year.

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