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Youth Council: To infinity and beyond

The DEBRA International Youth Council have an exciting update, outlining briefly what they’ve been up to for the past couple months, as well as what they will be focusing their efforts on at the beginning of 2024.

The Vision

To create a sense of community among youth around the world living with Epidermolysis Bullosa. The Youth Council is committed to fostering an environment where patients can feel represented, valued, planned for, considered and seen.

The Mission

To achieve this by providing a safe and supportive platform for youth to engage on, organized topics to discuss and explore together and the opportunity to meet and connect in-person.

A screenshot of a zoom meeting with 9 of the leaders of the Youth Council

The DEBRA International Youth Council is represented by 11 leaders from around the world. They have one more person to go through the selection process, and once at full capacity leaders will vote members into the board positions. As members of the global EB community start joining the Youth Council, they are aiming to establish Ambassadors & Mentors in the different DEBRA groups/countries to up-skill members, maintain a close support structure, have a wider reach and larger capacity.

Within the first quarter of 2024, they will officially launch the Youth Council to the global EB community. Keep an eye on DEBRA International's online social media platforms in the coming months for more.

Plus, they will be hosting an in person youth-centered seminar at the EB Congress in Egypt in April. Find out more on the EB Congress website.

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