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DEBRA International and GlobalSkin Symposium

On 3rd July 2023, DEBRA International was delighted to host, in collaboration with the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (GlobalSkin), a symposium as a side event to the 25th World Congress of Dermatology (WCD), which took place in Singapore between 3rd and 8th July 2023. The WCD is a prestigious event held every four years and was an opportunity to showcase DEBRA International as a leading patient organisation globally.

The symposium focussed on the following topics:

Clinical, research, and industry updates focussed on epidermolysis bullosa and successful collaborations with DEBRA

This session provided an update on emerging therapies, and demonstrated benefits of DEBRA engagement for patients, DEBRA member groups, industry, and researchers using global and regional examples of successful collaboration.

Building impactful patient organisations through supportive partnerships

This session brought together the Asian dermatology community (including patient advocates and organisations, clinicians, dermatology societies, dermatology nurses, researchers, and industry) to explore how to foster effective interactions and collaborations to support the establishment and growth of dermatology patient organisations, particularly in Asia.

The symposium was well attended with research, clinical, DEBRA, industry, and patient representatives from 19 countries spanning all habitable continents. The event was a multi-stakeholder meeting that, whilst primarily targeted at clinicians and researchers, also gave an opportunity for patients from the region to connect, network, contribute, and learn.

Patients were given the opportunity to present their views on living with EB, working with DEBRA, and being involved in clinical trials at the Symposium as well as members of panels at the WCD. This is the first congress of this size where EB patients have been given a prominent voice and time on the stage to present. Overall, it was a fantastic event and the DEBRA International booth was also very well visited allowing us to increase awareness of EB amongst health professionals and researchers.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Zlatko and Ignacia, DEBRA International Executive Committee members for organising the event, and to all the presenters and attendees who made it such a success.

You can view photographs of the event as well videos of the symposium highlights and the two keynote presentations by Assoc. Prof. Peter Marinkovich (Stanford, USA) and Prof. Dedee Murrell (UNSW Sydney, Australia) below.



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