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DEBRA Spain works to ensure families receive the best possible level of care

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Appealing for greater healthcare professional presence

DEBRA Spain health team I

As part of the work that we do to campaign for progress in the level of care that families receive on the national health system, we met with representatives from the department of health in Madrid to appeal for more much needed healthcare practitioners (two nurses and a dermatologist), to add to the team at La Paz Hospital in Madrid, a key reference and treatment center for the condition.

Conference for pediatric palliative care

DEBRA Spain health team II

DEBRA Spain's team of psychologists and social workers gathered at this significant event to discuss the importance of family support under extremely difficult circumstances. As well as continuing to learn how best to adapt to the needs of families, they underlined the urgent need to incorporate psychologists and social workers into palliative care teams.

DEBRA on the road - 31 visits

DEBRA Spain health team III

In the last 4 months we have made more than 30 trips to visit families and provide them with the healthcare, mental health care and social support that they so desperately need. We have also provided 12 training and information sessions for health care practitioners and teachers to raise awareness and greater understanding on how to manage EB.


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