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DEBRA UK completes its largest ever EB patient insight study

The objective of the insight study is to better understand how EB impacts the patient’s life and the type of care they receive.

Brain lightbulb moment

DEBRA UK has completed its largest ever EB patient insight study. The study, which took place between November-22 and May-23, included in-depth face to face interviews and an on-line questionnaire, which was completed by over 400 members of the EB community in the UK including EB healthcare professionals and General Practitioners.

The results of the study will help ensure that the services DEBRA UK offers match the needs of the EB community in the UK. It will also provide focus for their government lobbying activities. The patient insight study will be officially launched at DEBRA’s upcoming House of Commons reception, which takes place on Monday 19th June, and the report will be made available for download thereafter from the DEBRA UK website.

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