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EB Awareness Week 2022 in Croatia

EB Awareness Week 2022 in Croatia was full of various activities.

The “Inside out and spread awareness” campaign was held with numerous photos posted to social media.

A lecture for parents was held on the topic "How to distract a child from constant pain?" A roundtable discussion was held with the expert medical team and representatives of social and state institutions at University Clinical Hospital Zagreb. The topics were communication of diagnosis, gene analysis and therapy in EB, transition from paediatric to adult health care, and integration of care – cooperation between social care and health and transition from hospital care to home care

DEBRA Croatia were also guests on national tv show "Good Morning Croatia" promoting occupational therapy, their new service for patients and families.

Lastly, they organised a humanitarian sale of Cloud&Co Jewelery ( in the courtyard of their center to ensure continuation of their work and all planned activities for their members.

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