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DEBRA Egypt holds arts and crafts lessons for girls with EB that helps raise funds for those with EB

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

With the help of volunteers, The Yasmin Elsamra Foundation for EB-DEBRA Egypt started the arts and crafts lessons of candle making with girls for the past two months.

DEBRA Egypt arts and crafts lesson I

After they learned the technique, the girls asked Hanaa El Sadat, President of the Yasmin Elsamra Foundation-DEBRA Egypt to help them buy the materials and create shapes to their own designs and tastes. She felt that this would be a very good idea to help change their mood and reduce their pain. After making a number of candle shapes, they asked for help to sell their products. A friend of Hanaa's had a charity bazaar and allowed them to participate with their own booth.

The girls attended on May 12th and 13th 2023 with their own Yasmin Elsamra Foundation for EB-DEBRA Egypt booth and proudly talked about how EB affected their lives. People were so impressed by their courageous way of handling this devastating skin disease. They sold all of their products and took a lot of pictures with the bazaar attendees.

They went to the Foundation feeling incredibly happy and asked Hanaa to accept their donation (10% of what they sold) in order to help other EB patients.

"I was so touched and happy that their caring and sharing will put a smile on the face of other EB patients in the Foundation." - Hanaa El Sadat

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