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DEBRA Italia and Fondazione Reb celebrate charity concert 'MUSIC AGAINST DIFFERENCES'

This special gathering aimed to shatter indifference, advocating for health and civil rights, especially for those facing suffering or discrimination.


Male choir KARLAKÓRINN ESJA from Iceland and the Italian band Pan Pan Pan led by Mauro Panigo joined together under the banner of MUSIC AGAINST DIFFERENCES for a charity concert on May 14th at the historic San Bernardino alle Monache church in Milan.

In a timely coincidence with Mother's Day in Italy, the event also served as an inspiring call for a world free from discrimination, paying tribute to all working mothers, caregivers, and their children living with disabilities.

The concert championed the cause of DEBRA Italia and Fondazione Reb, our organizations dedicated to supporting families and scientific research for curing epidermolysis bullosa. It also supported ALL OUT, a significant global player advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, particularly in regions where these communities confront serious adversity and human rights are compromised.

We want to thank all the people who joined us, Mauro for organizing, and all the volunteers who contributed to the success of the event. A special thank to the Icelandic Consul Mrs Olga Clausen who attended the evening… with the hope that her promise to repeat this wonderful event every year will come true.


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