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Empowering girls in Egypt

Yasmin Elsamra is a charitable Foundation set up by DEBRA Egypt. The objective of the foundation is to encourage EB patients interested in drawing and learning crafts. In addition to bringing the EB community together in a shared activity, this encourages them to create handmade products to sell at charity bazars bringing greater awareness to the wide community who may have no or limited knowledge of this medical condition.

A special mention to three young ladies Shorouk, Shahad, and Sajida. They are challenged in using their hands to create products but happily did so, selling their products and generously contributing 10% of their profits to enable the Foundation to help other children with EB.

Shorouk, Shahad, Sajda, and Ala (a girl with EB from Sudan) work and help the Yasmin Elsamra charitable Foundation-DEBRA Egypt as volunteers in preparing and sending monthly packages for EB patients located in different governorates.

Hanaa Elsadat, the founder of the Yasmin Elsamra Foundation-DEBRA Egypt is profoundly grateful to all those who in some way or the other, monetarily or with their time and effort, participate to further the goals of the Foundation spreading hope and bringing a smile to their families in Egypt.


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