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DEBRA Chile holds 2nd Research Day for EB patients and families

On Saturday April 15th 2023, DEBRA Chile held the 2nd “Research Day” for patients and their families.

DEBRA Chile 2nd Research Day

This event was organized by the DEBRA Chile Research team taking place in Santiago, Chile, and had the participation of over 30 patients/families. The session included presentations explaining that their objectives are to better understand EB, to improve diagnosis, and to seek therapeutic options for patients.

In addition, clinical protocols that are being carried out nationally and internationally were discussed, such as those involving gene therapy, mesenchymal stem cells, gentamicin and biologicals derived from amniotic fluid, among others.

Finally, there was reserved time for patients to share their testimony about their disease, research protocols, and future perspectives. The event was a great opportunity to meet, discuss and share experiences about EB. We are looking forward to our 3rd Research Day in the future.


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